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Real Estate is one of the sectors with the highest growth rate and dynamic in the portuguese economy and it is also one of the areas that, BRAM, due to our accumulated practice and experience, consider structurally one of our main areas of expertise as a law firm.

In this sector, we provide all kinds of services to our Clients, whether they are private or institutional investors, national or foreign, developers and contractors. We advise our Clients in acquisition and sale operations, whether of properties (rural or urban) or of portfolios of real estate assets (housing, retail, commerce and services, agriculture, logistics and industry), in asset or share deals, helping to establish the best investment or asset sale strategies.


BRAM's team includes professionals with extensive experience acquired over the years and quality recognized by the market, with the capacity to provide consultancy advice, namely in complex and added-value operations, including the development of the investment structure and eventual real estate financing.

Our work is guided by the care and attention to every detail of each transaction, carrying out the legal Due Diligences prior to the purchase or sale of any asset so that our clients know exactly what they are buying or selling, avoiding future contingencies and constraints.

From the moment of the bid presentation and due diligence, our advice involves the presentation of reports considering the condition of the asset(s), tax, urban planning and environmental settings, as well as the negotiation of the transaction terms, until the effective closing and registration of the operation.

After the acquisition we support our Clients in the management of their assets, in licensing processes with municipalities and other public entities, in the negotiation of construction contracts; as well as in the preparation and negotiation of development contracts, sales contracts or rental agreements.

In real estate, our experience is your confidence.

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