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BRAM, as a law firm with a practice focused on business activity, is able to offer a complete and integrated labor assistance service to companies, but also to individual workers.

Our way of working with companies implies knowledge of their business model and proximity, favoring personal contact and ease of communication, as ways of solving problems and facilitating administrative work.

We ensure that our customers are always informed, in a complete and up-to-date manner, of their obligations of a work nature and with Social Security, as well as frequent changes with a work impact, whether legislative (including applicable sectoral legislation) or relating to instruments of collective regulation.

We advise our clients on the internal management of their human resources: on drafting contracts, professional training, career frameworks, salary policy, disciplinary advice and conflict resolution, salary optimization and hiring support.

We accompany the restructuring processes of companies involving changes in the staff, whether with hiring or in cases of reductions involving the necessary collective or individual dismissal processes.

Our lawyers have in-depth knowledge of labor litigation, offering our clients the security of an experienced team in legal matters. Whether representing employers or individuals in situations of pre-litigation or litigation with the employer.

We also have experience in administrative litigation and in interacting with supervisory bodies and Social Security, namely in administrative offense proceedings, whether at the instructional stage or in court proceedings.

At work: your case will be our cause.

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