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At BRAM we seek the best possible solutions in Public Law in general and Administrative Law in particular.

Our services are aimed at institutional and corporate, public or private clients, meeting their interests, assisting them to develop the best strategy, based on the experience of our lawyers and team members.

In Administrative Law we are involved in matters such as public contracting, public policies, legislative and regulatory production, urban planning, infrastructures and the environmental, regulation, public concessions and licensing.

We have extensive experience working in several areas of public law, such as education, health and pharmaceuticals or industrial, intellectual and technological property.

We advise our clients in decision-making procedures and in critical negotiations, thus enabling them to develop the best strategies as well as to anticipate the difficulties resulting from successive changes to national and European legislation.

We have an experienced and knowledgeable team in administrative litigation and arbitration.

In public law, our experience is a guarantee of trust for our Clients.

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