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Tourism is one of the most competitive sectors in our country and a true engine of our economy.

At BRAM we have an extremely experienced and specialized team capable of advising all the players in this sector in a distinguished approach.

Based on our lawyers' vast experience in such practice domains such as real estate, administrative and urban development, we have acquired skills that enable us to support our clients in any investment process, from the licensing and establishment of tourist resorts to their management and operation.


Our approach is to be close to our clients and to know their business model, generating trust, so that we can better help in any area of activity or type of contract, whether it be public, accommodation, travel or employment contracts.

We advise our clients in critical decision procedures taking into account the constraints, the context costs and the relationship between urban planning and the development of sustainable tourism projects.

We pay particular attention to the data protection regime and the best compliance practices, monitoring the legislative developments affecting tourism, public policies and the instruments available for its implementation, from the perspective of investment in Portugal or internationalisation.

We have in-depth knowledge of the tourism sector.

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