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Miguel Braga da Costa, partner at BRAM, took stock of the four years of activity and revealed the next steps to be taken. Stated that they intend to invest in the areas of agribusiness and tourism.

Founded in 2020, BRAM was born as a result of AMBA´s lawyers joining RMMV. Nearly four years later, their balance sheet is positive, having increased their skills, " doubled " the number of employees and grown in number of clients and revenue.


"We have a clearly positive balance sheet, especially considering that BRAM started its activity in a particularly complex period - in the middle of a pandemic, with all the known constraints for the legal practice and for the running of the justice system in general. In our case, with a clear impact on areas such as litigation and investor support, for obvious reasons," commented Miguel Braga da Costa.


Explaining to Advocatus that it was "rewarding" to see that even in this more adverse context they managed to keep the firm running and even strengthen the team and prepared for a "sustained growth".

Miguel Braga da Costa, Partner at BRAM Sociedade de Advogados (Photo: Hugo Amaral/ECO).

"By creating the structural foundations of the organization, we have reviewed and improved procedures always aiming to respond more effectively to the needs and problems of our clients who are always our main focus and concern," added.

So far, assumes that all the goals are being met and even surpassed. Miguel Braga da Costa explained that they were intended to achieve growth in various aspects of the firm.


"From 2022 to 2023 we will have achieved growth of around 40 per cent in turnover and around 20 per cent in number of clients, while at the same time duplicating the number of employees compared to 2020. We can therefore say that it has exceeded our best expectations," assured.


In order to pursue its vision, BRAM's mission is based on three pillars: responsibility, proximity and excellence. "BRAM's mission is somewhat expressed in the motto we have adopted for our company: "Your case, our cause!". This is our first mission, the uncompromising defense of our clients".

Miguel Braga da Costa explained that, as part of this mission, they help clients develop and internationalize their businesses, in specific sectors of the economy such as tourism, real estate or agribusiness.

The boutique will focus on agribusiness and tourism.

Partner Miguel Braga da Costa revealed to Advocatus that BRAM sees itself in the market, both in terms of its size, positioning and approach, as a boutique firm with "a vocation for business clients, in a logic of proximity and knowledge of their business".

"A firm dedicated to a legal practice aimed at business clients and national or international investors, providing them with strategic, personalized advice, accompanying their critical and decision-making processes," added.

BRAM's Lisbon office (Photo: Hugo Amaral).

Currently with 20 lawyers, the firm's growth has been driven by several practice areas. Even so, a large part of the boutique's workload comes from litigation. "An area in which the results obtained, and the satisfaction of our clients, have been the basis for our sustained growth," said the partner.

"In addition to Litigation and the aforementioned areas of Corporate, Real Estate and Public Law, partly as a result of the arrival of our partner Pedro Afra Rosa, given his vast experience in these areas, our presence in the areas of Insurance and Banking Law has been relevant to our growth. As well as the new areas we have defined and have been working on," he continued.



In the future, the boutique intends to invest in the areas of agribusiness and tourism, as these are two of the "most dynamic" sectors of the Portuguese economy. "From our perspective, agribusiness has enormous potential for growth, while tourism is constantly increasing, with this year's figures being the best ever, consolidating double-digit growth year after year," he explained.

From left to right: Miguel Braga da Costa, partner; Bernardo Reynolds Carvalho, partner; Pedro Afra Rosa, partner; Vera Mexia, partner; Pedro Malta Vacas, partner; and Telmo de Noronha Correia, BRAM consultant.

Regarding agribusiness, Miguel Braga da Costa said that it was a "natural bet", since he has experience in advising farmers and agricultural investors and because several partners and collaborators have an "effective connection to the rural world", knowing its dynamics.


As for tourism, the partner said that they draw on the lawyers' vast experience in areas such as real estate, administration, and urban planning to support clients and investors, both domestic and foreign, helping them to deal with the costs of the context in creating sustainable tourism projects. "In this area, the knowledge of the sector that Telmo Correia has, for example, who is our head of this area, is clearly an asset," he pointed out.

The future lies in a "strategy of affirmation".

At BRAM, the main challenge facing at this stage is to continue to grow, both in terms of clients and employees and in terms of profitability, in a " steady way" and following the "best market practices". "This challenge also involves progressive specialization, particularly in the areas of focus mentioned above, such as agribusiness and tourism," added the partner.



Miguel Braga da Costa told Advocatus that the next steps for the growth and implementation of the boutique in the market will involve a "strategy of affirmation". This comes from sharing knowledge and being present for clients at economic events.


" As an example, we were present at the last AgroGlobal, the largest trade fair in the agriculture sector. In addition to our participation as speakers at conferences, we were even the only law firm with its own permanent booth stand during the three days of the event. After that, we've taken part in other events in the agricultural sector, such as tourism and the energy sector, establishing very important contacts, sharing information and legal knowledge in a proactive approach," he exemplified.

Miguel Braga da Costa, Sócio da BRAM Sociedade de Advogados (Fotografia: Hugo Amaral/ECO).

"Consolidating the brand and its identity, being recognized for our expertise, are the objectives that will allow us to grow in the market. In addition, of course, to specific actions, of which this interview is a good example," he emphasizes.



For the coming 10 years, they intend to continue to grow "sustainably", at a "good pace", consolidating their focus on the various areas and "always taking into account the new technological advances in the digital age, namely the implications of the development of Artificial Intelligence for the operation and provision of legal services at law firms".


Even so, assumes that the most important thing is the people. "Because we realise that we have lawyers of enormous quality among the younger generation, our aim will be to ensure their development and career progression while maintaining a strong team spirit, thus ensuring generational relevance," he said.



"If we continue to recruit talent and give them the conditions and means to grow by encouraging merit, in ten years' time we will certainly be where we plan to be as a leading law firm in our areas of expertise," he also said.



Asked if they intend to expand to other cities in Portugal, Miguel Braga da Costa said that they have a partner in Porto in their "sights".

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