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BRAM's motto "Your case is our cause" takes on meaning when applied to our litigation and arbitration team.

Because we have a multidisciplinary team, with vast expertise, focused on the defence of the Client's best interests, in a rigorous and committed manner in all cases, including the most complex and added - value ones.

We support our Clients, whether individuals or corporations, in the resolution of their disputes, in a preventive manner, negotiated or through the courts, in accordance with their objectives, as well as in the management of the associated risks and opportunities.

Our team has a consistent track record, with an in-depth knowledge of the courts, ensuring high levels of expertise in various areas of the law and methods of dispute resolution, while also being geared towards an innovative approach in areas such as insurance, labour and corporate matters.

With us, the corporate client has all the support deemed necessary in solving disputes arising from its commercial activity, with a high degree of specialisation in various economic sectors.

We act in corporate disputes, namely those related to corporate control, corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance and management crises, as well as in the protection of majority and minority shareholders, challenging and suspending of corporate resolutions, liability of directors and other corporate boards, rendering of corporate information and in shareholders' agreements.

We have consolidated experience in the banking and financial sector and, in particular, in its contractual and regulatory aspects, which is essential for dispute resolution.

We regularly act, in this sector, in disputes related to financial intermediation activities, banking and financial contracts, securities and derived assets, financing, guarantees, project finance, prospectus liability, class actions and injunctions for the use of general contractual clauses.

BRAM also has an arbitration team experienced in complex and added- value arbitrations.

Through Mackrell International and partnerships with other leading law firms, we accompany any international litigation, coordinating or integrating multi-jurisdictional litigation teams.

Because your case is our case, we approach each matter in detail, always seeking the most effective solution in the interests of our clients.

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