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BRAM is fundamentally a law firm dedicated to the corporate client.

In Corporate Law, BRAM has a team of experienced lawyers specialized in closely monitoring the daily life of business entities, our Clients, supporting them in the operations in which they are involved, including big and complex M&A operations.

We assist the Client in all day-to-day aspects concerning commercial corporations, such as: the representation of the Client in meetings, the exercise of corporate positions in the Client's companies, the assistance of the Client in the preparation and implementation of share capital increases, in the presentation and approval of annual accounts, in the review and monitoring of annual accounts reports, in the appointment and dismissal/resignation of corporate boards, in equity transfer, changes or amendments to by-laws.

In all these procedures, BRAM always positions itself as a partner of the Client, with knowledge of the activity and business model developed by the same, in order to be able to advise in the best possible way and assist the client in finding the best solution for each case.

We help our clients to set up and monitor Family Offices, to define their governance mechanisms and to support them in all aspects of corporate, financial, real estate and urban, rural or mixed assets management, insurance and in the drafting of family protocols.

Our team also has international experience in major transactions, supporting and assisting clients in acquisitions, mergers, de-mergers, spin-offs, asset acquisitions and, in general purposes, in all corporate operations in which the Client requires legal support. Your case will always be our case.

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